With a cargo bike the summer never really ends

Cargo bike is the best transport ever

The summer is finishing and with it the most part of our summer vacations. And even if the fareawell with the summer is always a bit melancholic, it’s really true that every season is beautiful, especially if you have the right spirit and the right CARGO BIKE!

Because, let us say it, only when you step out off the boaring routine, your life starts to play with bright colours. You can always make something different everyday, then maybe, the waiting for the next vacation won’t be so sad!

And a good cargo bike can help you woth that, it opens the new horizons and yes, even if you have kids!

With the cargo bike, you can leave your car in the garage, or even beter, just sell it!

You can bring your kids to school, go to work or to make the comitments, go to buy groceries and then go or better cycle to pick up your kids from the school. You can take them to the park, taking all they need for or just what you think they might need. You can go to make shopping or whatever else you need toghether .

Oh, you don’t have children? Yet! Meanwhile you can have fun with your cargo bike al round the city or to even to make the vacation on it!

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