The best family bike ever

The best family bike ever

The family bikes, or better to say the cargo bikes used for the family needs become always more popular and we stay yet at the very beginning of their popularity.

Starting from the early 2000 the cargo bikes, used till then mostly for the comercial purpose attracted the attention of the families. They were mammoth-like: heavy and ugly! Still they were petrol free, could go where the car couldn’t go, ecologycal and gave you the sence of freedom. Enough to have the request from the first life slyle making bold families.

In only about 18 years, even if we might not to understand it, we changed really a lot. We want to live in ecology friendly places, have fun and pass time with our beloved ones.

And especially we don’t want complicated things, they should be simple, practical, user friendly and of a design!

That is what we wait of our cargo family bikes as well, over the safty question which is indisputable. So what is a best family bike ever?

Of course we have something in mind and we want to explain you why.

  1. It should be CREATED FOR FAMILY NEEDS, BUILT AROUND A KID and his / her needs. Here we are. Most existing cargo bikes are just as they were 70 years ago and built to transport goods, not kids! How you can experience it in your every day rides?!  Meanwhile TAGA is the only cargo or family bike you can tilt child seats
  2. It should be PRACTICAL. The modern family life is already not simple itself. Work, kids and house, the requirements are very high, so we pass most of our time to meet them and not to enjoy. We need the things that make us our life easier and closer to our beloved. And TAGA BIKE just do it. It is extremly practical: Light, stable and foldable. It is slim and managable. You will pass everywhere, your kids can climb themselves in and out, it fits the car trunk, easy to ride and can be stocked in no place at all.
  3. It should be of a GREAT DESIGN. Life is too short to surround ourselves with ugly things! And TAGA won numerous design awards all over the world!

So, if you search for the best family bike or you would understand why TAGA claim the title to be the best family bike ever, this is why!

It was built around the kids needs for the modern families to make their live easier and more fun, to pass quality time with their beloved ones! Do you TAGA?!



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