Ride with kids all year round

Ride with kids all year round

It’s hot, it’s great time to cycle with your kids, it’s summer. Infact, in summer is better to cycle then to drive! Fresh air, sunny mood and a lovely tune – BI-CYCLE!

Still the best time for bycycle isn’t a summer but an autumn and a spring! When it’s getting cooler and you can really enjoy cycling.

When the days are less chaotic and you apretiate more the slower way of life and enjoy small things. Then a ride can be both, the way to go somewhere and the trip to enjoy.

So you bring your children to school and speak and laugh together, and this happy moments will remain in their and your mind even longer then where and why you were going.

This things are almost impossible to happen in summer, when you have too much things to do and too much crasy emotions. But autumn, with its thoughtful caracter is just perfect for such binding activities, slow living and quiet joy!

So ride with kids all year round, those few more clothes and boots and even a rain coat is a fair price to enjoy these priceless moments that will remain impressed in your family history probably forever!



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