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taga family bike taga family bike

TAGA Family Bike

it is a real revolution in urban mobility as it allows you to transport 1 to 3 children in total safety and comfort for the enjoyment of the whole family. Take the kids for a walk, to school, to the beach, to have a picnic or go shopping, TAGA Family Bike is the number 1 bicycle for families with children from 0-9 years!


Taga Family Bike - ROYAL CANOPY

Buy the Royal Canopy to keep children sheltered from rain and wind. The parts are foldable and removable. It can be turned down.

parasole Parasole


Sunshield for TAGA Family Bike seats Attached to the backrest and has 3 heights available. Foldable.

seggiolino Seggiolino


Seat for the TAGA Family Bike to personalize your TAGA Family Bike, the bicycle n.1. for the transport of children.

On a TAGA Family Bike you can install 1 to 2 TAGA seats for the transport of children from 6 months up to 8-9 years of age at an incredible launch price!

For 2 children purchased 2 child seats, they can be fitted either on the street front or on the front, both facing one another.

porta pacchi Porta pacchi

Taga Family Bike - REAR LUGGAGE RACK

Rear carrier compatible with standard seats. Max weight 25 kg. You can bring the third child in the TAGA Family Bike on a seat to attach to the rear rack.

pistolaacqua pistola acqua

TAGA Family Bike - Water gun

Water gun Comes with an adapter to attach it to the bar.

motore elettrico motore elettrico

TAGA Family Bike - Electric motor

The electric kit for the TAGA Family Bike at an incredible launch price! Technical features: Electric kit 8fun engine, 36V, 250 W Li-ion battery, 13 Ah Samsung cell LCD display Autonomy 35-45 km Max speed 25 km / h Charging time 5 hours EU standard: pedelec crank sensor included.

An ecological and safe vehicle that does not pollute and allows you to avoid the many lines!

imbottitura imbottitura

TAGA Family Bike - Baby padding

A boat of laughter for two!

Soft cover for small children includes the seat, backrest and support for the head in a soft foam covered in spandex, light blue color.

Barra accessori barra multiaccessori

TAKE Family Bike - Multi-touch bar

Accessory bar is used to attack the various accessories, in addition to support the second session, when both are facing the same direction.

parafanghi parafanghi


Don't risk getting dirty with bad weather, add the fenders to the two front wheels! These useful add-ons are made of sturdy plastic and easily connected with just one screw.

aggancio universale aggancio universale

TAGA Family Bike - Universal coupling

The universal attachment can hold a smartphone, a cup, a bottle and much more. It can be attached on the bar, on the handlebar, on the head rest or in the machine.

adattatore ovetto Adattatore

TAGA Family Bike - Baby car seat adapter

Car Seat Adapter compatible with "Bebè Confort", "Maxi Così" and "Nanna Guri". It allows you to carry your baby in TAGA Family Bike already as a baby.

casco bebe casco bebe


Protect your child with cute elephant helmets (white / blue) and little bird (cream / pink) CE-EN 1078 standard size XXS: 44 - 48 cm / 17.32 - 18.89 " weight 185 gr / 0.41 lb air intakes 6

other characteristics Broader protection zone. Washable padding. Designed for small children. Anti-insect net. Easy locking system. 3-point adjustable safety straps

aeromoov aeromoov

AEROMOOV breathable lining PER TAGA

The AeroMoov breathable covers have been specifically designed to ensure your child maximum comfort when traveling by car on the seat or when walking in the stroller. The three-dimensional layer completely permeable to air keeps it cool and dry even in summer. AeroMoov Air Layer gives your child all the comfort needed to travel comfortably and at the same time protects the stroller and car seat.

seggiolino posteriore seggiolino posteriore

Rear seat for TAGA

A comfortable seat to attach to the seat tube of your TAGA for an additional seat.

Great for TAGA BIKE Primi Mesi to transport a baby and a child from 12 months up to 5-6 years (weight limit 22 kg).

A perfect solution for the third baby (or even other preferences) for all TAGA 1.0 and TAGA 2.0 models

Color: SILVER, BLACK insert.

kit notturno kit notturno

NIGHT KIT Led lights

Use your Taga safely even at night or on foggy days. This night kit includes everything you need:

Dosun SF300 headlight that can be mounted on the handlebar, the fork or the front bar of the seat.

A red Dosun ruby ​​RC100 rear light, which can be mounted on the seat post.

Both are powerful high quality LED lights, which include 3 lighting levels (high / low / flash), rechargeable Li-Polymer batteries with USB cable, flexible straps for easy installation, angle adjustment, it is highly resistant to water.

2 reflectors for front forks.

3 reflectors for the wheels