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How safe is it to drive Taga?

Taga offers safer driving than an ordinary bicycle with a child seat. Why, will you ask? It is equipped with a special 3-wheel structure and integrated safety functions. Furthermore, it is safer to drive Taga than a bicycle with a bike trailer, because you can keep your baby under control at all times. Taga has evolved for years to provide for every single aspect of security. As a result, it has come to satisfy a long list of American, European and Australian safety standards. For more information, refer to the Safe Driving section, and make sure you have reviewed the user manual before you start driving Taga. For more information, see the section Driving safely.

At what age do children usually become too old for Taga?

In the bicycle version, the Taga seat is suitable for children weighing up to 35 kg (6-7 years). In the stroller version it is suitable for children weighing up to 15 kg (3-4 years).

Where is Taga produced?

The parts of Taga are produced and assembled in Taiwan, while the fabric parts are manufactured in China. Rest assured, we operate an advanced quality control process in all our production lines and the entire distribution chain, in order to guarantee a high quality production standard.

How is driving Taga compared to a normal bicycle?

Tricycles, including Taga, are handled differently from ordinary bicycles.
Normal bicycles are inherently unstable. In fact, the cyclist has to acquire speed to keep himself in balance. To turn, then, it must lean together with the bike to counteract the centrifugal force.
In contrast, tricycles are inherently stable, either at a standstill or at low or medium speed. However, when they turn at high speed, they are subject to centrifugal force and in the absence of careful driving they could tip over. Since the tricycle cannot tilt, the driver must slow down before turning and tilting his body when cornering, to counteract the centrifugal force.
Taga's steering was designed by professional bike and tricycle engineers, who took a multitude of factors into consideration to ensure safer and better driving. Factors such as: the geometry of the tricycle steering based on Ackerman's law, the optimized wheel arch, the optimized center of gravity and others. As a result, the steering is incredibly light and easy to maneuver.
After all, the responsibility for safety lies on your parents' shoulders. We strongly advise you to drive Taga carefully when you move with your children. Do not turn sharply at high speed, do not use Taga for racing and do not take it off-road. Try driving Taga several times to get used to handling and maneuvering it before you start transporting the children.

Will I be able to put Taga in the trunk or on a bike rack?

Yes, Taga can be folded in less than a minute and placed in the trunk of a family or sedan car. It can also be loaded on an ordinary bicycle carrier.

Can I remove the seat with a child inside?

Yes. The seat has a support stand that allows it to stand on its own, while you are changing the mode. Instead, using the Taga Second Seat or the Double Taga Wooden Seat, you must remove the baby from the seat before detaching it.

How long is the warranty and what does it cover?

We offer a 2-year limited warranty on almost all parts of Taga. There is a 2-year limited warranty against manufacturing and frame defects and gears. The fabric, tires and cables are covered for one year from the official date of purchase against manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover natural wear, such as flat tires and brake adjustment, and is only valid for the original purchaser.


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Daily Mail

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