Cargo Bike which one to chose?

Cargo Bike which one to chose?

Cargo Bike, born to transport loads and used more and more today for the family everyday needs become more and more popular. They are simple, safe, fast and ecologic.

They are two and three wheeled, some of great design and others of low cost. So, cargo bike which one to chose for YOU?!

It’s trivial to say, that the quality is very important, especially if you are going to transport children with you. Still for the dayly needs you don’t need many of those things the very performant MTB bikes might need.

All too good and too much stuff can only make your bike cost to much with no practical application in your daily life. So the quality should be good, but do not pay for the extra quality, only sportive bikers might need. Or at least be aware that it is because you want it and not really need.

But what you do should pay attention to is the facility to speak to the seller. Especially if you buy on-line, check whether there is a fast way, such as cell / phone number, whatsap communication, skype, chatbox or an e-mail. And if yes, how fast do they reply and whether they speak your or at least English language. There are different, even very famous website where it’s impossible to speak to a real person, only facs and forms.

Another related and do very important thing to evaluate is the AFTER-SALES CUSTOMER CARE. How easy to get it, how fast do they reply, replace and assist when the goods are still on the warranty and when not.

It’s true that most cargo bikes give 2 years waranty on the chassis and 1 year waranty on the accessories. But if smth oes wrong and you do need the assistance, how much time will it take and where you should ask it?

Where from the replacement parts will arrive?

TAGA BIKE Europe knows that the modern families need things safe, simple, fast and practical. TAGA is SAFE&PRACTICAL, it is manufactured to make the busy modern family life easier and our sales and after sales departments make it simple.

You can find our cell phone and e-mail on the very top of our web site. You can call and whatsApp as at any hour 7 days a week and get your reply and assistance. We take care of the customer on every stage of the purchase and after it.

We ship the same day or the day after your order. All the replacement parts come fast from our European stock.

Have you ever thougt that if you receive your cargo bike after 1 months, how much time will you wait for the simple replacement?!

So, if you think on cargo bike which one to chose, chose the right one, chose TAGA!


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